1/OFF is moving forward with the concept of Edits. 

High quality, stands in our core. Therefore, the hands of the ateliers put detailed effort into offering you a great collective of pieces, tailored with care and know-how. 

This first drop is a very special one. Made from one-of-a-kind designs and exclusive pieces from the new edition. This signs the transition from chapter 1 to CHAPTER 2. Each style has its own vavavoom

Welcome to Edit_00 

JEWARIA in the Blazer Double

Amsterdam North - September 2020


Creative studios

As part of the upcycle movement, all pieces are (re)created by hand in our creative studios by teams of very talented and passionated couture makers. 

The HQ and showroom of 1/OFF are both located on the canals in Amsterdam central. Our customers can come by for a fitting or just to get to know the brand. 

Make here an appointment if you would like to come by & say hello.

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