Spring/Summer 22 Edits

1/OFF introduces the concept of Edits to showcase different products, materials, and fabrics we have been using to build this collection. High quality is always in the center of our vision.

The Edits have been created to show the concept of Upcycling and to emphasize on the Uniqueness behind all of our final designs. Every piece is different, exclusive, and special.

Our couture makers have used different savoir-faire to finalize the garments. You will find pieces made from leftover fabrics, combined materials, and more elegant tissues.


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Blazer Double

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Top Designer Scarf

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Top Backless Denim

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The latest 1/OFF campaign explores a space where individuals have shifted their focus towards pieces made with purpose, where the need for the  distinctive has overpowered one’s wish to conform with the latest tendencies.

Capturing a dimension 1/OFF aims to create: where we takepride in owning the one-of-a-kind. Pride inadorning ourselves with pieces crafted to tell a story.

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