What is Upcycling? 

Upcycling represents a variety of processes by which 'old' products are modified and get a second life as they are transformed into a 'new' product. 

Each of our creations is (re)made from prime vintage garments, pre-loved by aficionados in times gone by.

By taking forgotten vintage pieces and imagining ways to work them into unique articles of clothing, we bring these items back to life. 

Vintage Curation

We source the vintage pieces that go into the making of our garments. These vintage items arrive at our studio, where they are sorted by our team and are sent to the wash.

We look through the clothes that are selected to become part of our new collection. Items we don’t use are kept, to be used in future collections.  

We make sure the items are in great condition, and curate per style, pairing together pieces for each design. 

Pairing together blazers for our blazer doubles, jeans for our denim designs, and so on

The Nature of Vintage

Even though each vintage piece is upcycled, some may show some age-related wear, such as minor marks and losses which are naturally associated with the essence of vintage.

It makes it more valuable as each piece owns a soul, carries memories, and tells unique stories.

At 1/OFF, we believe these small imperfections should not render the item unusable. Instead, we extend their life by integrating them into our unique designs.