"Reflecting the true desire that lies in the birth of deconstruction."

La Vente Aux Encheres. A world of extravagance - pieces as unique as those who wear them.

Consumed by a constant flood of trends, a new hunger is born out of the continuous pursuit of satiation. A search for what is unique, what is timeless, what is born from what has existed. 

La Vente Aux Encheres explores a space where individuals have shifted their focus towards pieces made with purpose, where the need for the distinctive has overpowered one's wish to conform with the latest tendencies. 

A desire that warrants hostile looks across a sage-green oak-wood auction theatre, to acquire a work of art that sits elegantly between glass. 

Capturing a dimension 1/OFF aims to create: where we take pride in owning the one-of-a-kind. Pride in adorning ourselves with pieces crafted to tell a story


This campaign features iconic 1/OFF pieces. Reimagined vintage blazers, reconstructed denim. The Moncler Hybrid Puffer, brought to life through the fusion of a vintage Moncler and a vintage puffer. The Inside Out Trench Quilted, laying the iconic Burberry nova check to the forefront of the design.

Items that 1/OFF has resurrected, a resurgence into our eternal cycle of inspiration. 

Photography by Boris Lutters & Lisa Helder. 

Production Company: Together & Dedicated 
Director: Tim Wes