Pre-Spring 22

_"Reflecting the past, shaping the future"

This season, we express intemporality by (re)walking the runway with old garments transformed into new designs. Creating a link between the past and the future, and to move forward with our mission to close the spiral of the lineaire Industry.

_A Note about the collection

We added a new category to our portfolio, the Vintage Iconic Moncler Jacket. We reimagined the traditional shape by inserting geometrical parts for a modern look and feel. This new member inspired us to reinvent and come up with new designs. We transformed the Burberry inside out trench into a quilted down jacket, padded Ralph Lauren shirts to create a jacket and made accessories from the leftovers of puffers. This collection is another chapter in showing the eternal possibilities of upcycling. 


FIRST 1/OFF BRAND FILM: Featuring the Iconic Chanel x Levi's Love Child Jacket. Exclusive to The Selfridges.

Culted - 1/off paris launches ‘into the unknown’ fashion film
March 19, 2021

Numéro Netherlands - 1/off launches first brand film “into the unknown’
March 22. 2021

The beginning of a new narrative: Nobody knows exactly where the shift will take us. Through this journey ‘into the unknown’, 1/OFF aims to play apart in resetting the dial to create the space needed to experience new energy, ideas and experimentation. Both film and brand alike represent the ideology that fashion items are no longer disposable, but part of an eternal cycle of inspiration.



"We work with the materials, colors, and silhouettes to transform the items into modernistic designs. This time, we added more elevated & noble fabrics, silk scarves, and suits to bring the feminine side in the vintage menswear to the spotlight." 




1/OFF is stepping into a new world.
A sphere that introduces individualism as the new norm. Where this generation lives to unite, we focus on ourselves and the way we perceive time amid all chaos.

Time being the only thing that comes between us and our creations. Time being timeless, revealed by the hand of the artist. Time being the indispensable parameter to our reflections. Time. Guided by the vibrations of our soul.
Experiment. Improvise. Vibrate. ‘Cause as the clock goes, we must remind ourselves that every second is the catalyst for a renewed reality. A changed status quo; established by a funnel of loose frequencies and connected by an interdependent upcycled web of different worlds.