About Us

_We are 1/OFF

We are a fashion label rooted in the upcycle movement. Celebrating the legacy of grand designers design, we transform high-end vintage into contemporary manifestations. Each creation is a one of a kind, sourced and curated from around the world and (re)imagined by a team of highly skilled couture makers.With a deeply felt respect for the quality and craftsmanship of the original pieces, we create unique and unexpected designs that connect the past with the future, the fun with the formal, the gutter with the catwalk. We welcome you to open your mind and explore our creations. “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything transforms”.

_Our vision

A new future demands a new perspective. 1/OFF is Founded in 2019 by Renée van Wijngaarden, with the vision based on the ideology that fashion items are no longer disposable, but part of an eternal cycle of inspiration.

(Re)thinking garments of YSL, Chanel, Burberry, Ralph Lauren and many others, we see ourselves as an integral part of the fashion ecosystem, helping brands to extend the lifespan of their products by adding individuality and keeping them relevant for new generations. It’s a way of looking both to the past and forward to the future, combining historical consciousness with open innovation. We believe creativity is at the heart of the movement. Although challenging, it presents an opportunity to create a new perspective and inspire change across the fashion community. “ Our collections are made up of one-of-a-kind designs, extending the lifespan of high-end fashion by reinterpreting them into something new.”

_Our mission

The beginning of a new narrative: We encourage manufacturers and designers to free their minds from the conventional mindset that leads to overload, overproduction and waste. Instead, we propose a new culture that fulfils the more sustainable needs of co-creative engagement. Where brands work together to better the industry. And bring back the creativity that made fashion such an important part of our lives. Let’s build that narrative together. “We encourage designers and manufacturers to look beyond their brand to better the industry, so we can move forward with clarity and have fun along the way”.