About us

The Brand

We are 1/OFF

We are a fashion label rooted in the upcycle movement, transforming high-end classics into contemporary designs that connect the past with the future, the fun with the formal, the gutter with the catwalk. 

Unique Designs

Each 1/OFF is a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted in the ateliers. You’ll be sure you’ll never see another one like it. Which makes it special for you to own, and for us to pass it over to you. 

Prime preloved quality

1/OFF creations are (re)made from vintage garments, sourced and curated from around the world. Some may show some age-related wear, like minor marks or losses, associated with the nature of vintage. 

Strictly for (fe)males
Being one of the most fun, creative forms of self-expression, it seems rather strange to restrict fashion. That’s why our designs are inclusive to all humans. After all, everybody is a 1/Off.